We are a different kind of DIY store!  We know that you’ll have

a lot of questions about what you can do and make here

at The Crafter’s Library.  We wanted to give you a one stop shop

resource page to hopefully have your questions answered. 

You can always call us at 805-770-3566 if you have any other questions. 


What is The Crafter’s Library?

The best way to describe The Crafter’s Library is a membership-based craft co-working space. Your membership gives you access to the machinery and the knowledgeable and friendly staff at The Crafter’s Library who can help you make whatever your looking to create!

Where is The Crafter’s Library?

We are located at 9 E Figueroa St in Santa Barbara, CA. We are located in La Arcada Plaza and close to the corner of State Street and Figueroa Street.

Is there parking?

Yup! There are several city parking lots withing walking distance of The Crafter’s Library. The closest is located at the corner of Anacapa St and Figueroa St, city lot 7.  Street parking is available as well, though with the exception of Sunday’s, members are limited to 75 minutes. 

Who can craft at The Crafter’s Library?

We are dedicated to the idea that anyone can craft! It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, your gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or socio-economic status! Anyone can craft! The only stipulation is children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult while at The Crafter’s Library.

What craft machines are available at The Crafter’s Library?

The Crafter’s Library has some of the coolest, and newest crafting machinery out there. We have multiple Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air 2 cutting machines, one Snapmaker 2.0 A350, which is a 3-in-1 machine, letting makers do laser etching and engraving, CNC woodcarving and 3D printing, as well as multiple Brother SQ9285 sewing and quilting machines.

Do I have to use a machine to go to The Crafter’s Library?

Absolutely not! We have a dedicated lounge area for those who love to do handcrafts like knitting, crochet, macrame, needlepoint or cross stitch.

Can I paint at The Crafter’s Library?

Yes!  We have easels, pallets, and paints for members to use. We also have a wide variety of canvases for sale. 

Can I eat and drink at The Crafter’s Library?

La Arcada Plaza has some of the best restaurants and in Santa Barbara.  We are happy to let our members bring food in with them as long as they are respectful of the space and their fellow crafters.  Members are expected to clean up after themselves and not have food/drink on or near the machinery.


How much is a membership?

We have multiple tiers of memberships that fit both your time and budget. Children 10 and younger are free to come in (as long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian). Children 11 to 14 years old are 50% off the regular membership price. For folks 15 and older, daily memberships are $25, weekly memberships are $50, and a month membership is $100. We offer two annual memberships, one for $75/month and the other for $125/month (known as annual plus). Both annual memberships come with a 10% discount on all craft supplies and classes, and the annual plus membership gives members a $10 monthly craft supply credit as well as access to one free class per year. Annual members are also able to sell what they create out of the store!

I have a month membership and I want to upgrade to an annual or annual plus membership. Is that possible?

Totally!  We allow you to use the value of your month membership towards your annual or annual plus membership.  For example, if you’d like to upgrade from a month membership to an annual membership, you’ve already paid $100, covering your first month with a $25 credit, so your second month would only be $50.  If you wanted to upgrade to an annual plus membership, you’d only have to add an additional $25 for the first month. 

I’m an annual member and want to sell what I make at The Crafter’s Library out of The Crafter’s Library. How does that work?

Annual members are able to sell what they create in the store out of the store. The maker sets the price and lets the staff know. Then it goes on our shelves and our website! The Crafter’s Library takes a 5% consignment fee and deducts all taxes, shipping and handling fees and merchant service fees. Once a month, The Crafter’s Library will cut checks to all makers who have sold items out of the store or online. At any time, the maker can request the staff to pull a report to see how their goods are doing, or can pull the item off the shelf. There is no listing fee.

What happens if I have something for sale out of the store, but no one is buying?

Makers can work with the staff to make sure their items are priced appropriately. The Crafter’s Library will have every item listed on our website until there item sells. In order to allow all annual members to have space for their items on our shelves, we will rotate items out that have not sold in 30 days

How can I cancel my membership?

We hate to see members go, but we understand life happens and that The Crafter’s Library may not be for everyone. We offer the ability to cancel annual and annual plus memberships with a few conditions. If a member wishes to cancel their annual or annual plus membership they may do so for a 50% buyout of the remaining time on their membership. If a member is moving more than 10 miles from The Crafter’s Library, there is no cancelation fee.

Classes and Events

Are there classes that I can take to learn to make new things?

Of course!  We aim to have at least two classes a week.  Classes will vary in subject and medium used.  To showcase all of the talent in our community we hope not to repeat a class within the same quarter.  However, if members request it, we are happy to schedule it! 

I am interested in teaching! Can I teach a class?

Absolutely! We’re always looking for teachers to join our community. In order to be to teach a class, you will need to demo the course to The Crafter’s Library staff. Once the demo takes place, you’ll be informed if you’ve been approved. If you are approved you will work with The Crafter’s Library staff to put you on the calendar!

Do you host private events?

We would LOVE to host your private event. From corporate team bonding workshops to bachelorette parties to baby showers to kids’ birthday parties, we can do it all. We are fully capable of bringing in food for a catered crafting event as well! If you’d like to have an adult beverage served at your event, we can work with you on that as well! To book a private event, contact Andrew at Andrew@TheCraftersLibrary.com or stop by the store!


Can I bring my own supplies or do I have to buy everything at The Crafter’s Library?

You are 100% welcome to bring in your own supplies. We do sell craft materials as well, so if you’re almost done but run out of material and need a little bit of something to finish your project we can help!

What happens if I break something?

Part of creating is learning from our mistakes!  Our staff will be there to help you navigate the machinery to make sure you are able to use them safely. If the craft project you’re working on breaks, let the staff know.  We can almost always find a creative way to fix it, otherwise we will do our best to replace it for you if we can.

Will someone at The Crafter’s Library help me use the machinery?

Totally!  We want to make sure all of our members feel confident using any of our craft machinery and that they can operate them safely.  Once a month we will host a “how to” workshop, going over the basics of all of our machinery.  We will also hold workshops on the various design software that members can use to create amazing crafts!